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SEATING & RUN TIME: All shows are General Admission (no assigned seats or ducking in early to save seats). Doors open 30 minutes before showtime. Each night of Sonoma Laughfest features different acts in 3 hours of show with 30 minute breaks in between.

RATINGS: Generally speaking, all acts are PG-13 and as such would not be appropriate for children under 13. Use your best judgement for folks aged 13 - 17.

HANDY TIPS: Arriving early helps start the show on time. Purchasing tickets ahead of time saves you a little money and helps us get you out of the line and into the fun faster :)

E-TICKETS/PAPER TICKETS: We have no need for you to print your tickets - once you've bought your ticket, you are in our system. The option exists more as a security blanket for you (if you need it) than anything else. The future is here! Let's save you some paper, ink (ink is expensive!), and time :)

REFUNDS: No refunds or exchanges. All purchases are final.

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