Sonoma Laughfest 2018 has been cancelled.

Dear Performers,

We just sat down a few days ago and decided to cancel Sonoma Laughfest 2018. The short story is that we weren’t able to recover from the wildfires in time for this year’s festival.

I’ll be reaching out to everyone who submitted individually over the next couple of weeks to say thank you and refund submission fees.

We just couldn’t anticipate that the fires, this many months later, would still be presenting new challenges each week, as our support network unravels bit by bit due to how everyone in the area has been negatively impacted.

I think we all need more time.

Thank you all for submitting. I’m gonna watch/review all of your submissions and let you all inspire me the team toward regrouping and finding what form our work will take moving forward. 

With love and appreciation,

Brooke Tansley
Executive Producer

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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